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21 Street Club Official

'Brain Activity' Tee by Cecilia Thompson

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Please Note: This Item is 'Made-to-Order.' That means it's only made to your specifications after you order it. Please allow up to 21 days for delivery.

About The Art.

This piece is an ode to the mind/brain under the influence. It's a personal representation of neurones firing in a sober mind vs an intoxicated one.

About The Artist. 

 I’ve always been drawn to art and artistic things like dance, music, and painting, growing up.

Naturally i decided to get a bachelor degree in fine arts at the university of Manitoba to broaden my abilities to create and to find myself in my works. I create art from my own life, my own stories through my experiences and feelings, truly creating art that reflects on myself.

Connect with me on Instagram : artbyceciliasif