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'Dilemma' Eco Tote bag by Isabella Mignot

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** Only Available Till March 29 **

Please Note: This Item is 'Made-to-Order.' That means it's only made to your specifications after you order it. Please allow up to 21 days for delivery.

About The Art

This work is inspired by the dilemma of the desire to protect the things we love without controlling them. The fish are safest in their watery natural habitat but the desire to ensure their safety and control where they are restricts their movement which might eventually kill them.

About The Artist


I have always been a child that liked to draw and experiment with colours and paint. I grew up to be an art student who continues to love to try different things. 
My medium of choice has always been acrylic and oil paint, but for the past year, I have been trying many other ways to express my artistic side. One thing that really excites me is turning my art into fashion pieces. Enjoy :)


Connect with me on instagram : isabellamignotart